Visualizations demonstrate systems,  products and methods in a way that holds the attention of the target audience. Often the thing being depicted does not yet exist or is simply too dificult to demonstrate using other means. In these cases animation is perfect for geting the message across.


This 11 minut long animation was created for NASA\JPL to introduce the public to this new Mars rover, The Mars Science Laboratory a.k.a. Curiosity.


This turntable test render of the Curiosity rover, was done as part of the approval prosess with JPL for this model.



GRAIL moon gravity mission. This animation was used as part of a contract winning mission proposal at JPL. It demonstrates how GRAIL will map the moons gravitational field. Animation done for NASA\JPL.

Cassini fly by of Titan, using real flight data from the Cassini spacecraft.

Animation done for NASA\JPL. 


This animation done for NASA\JPL, depicts a device designed to detect pathogens in the air. In this case it is showing the detection of Anthrax spores.


SIM Planet Quest, is a planet finder and universe mapper. This aimation shows the scope of its proposed capabilities. Animation done for NASA\JPL. This version has no audio.


Another short animation doen for SIM PLanet Quest. This version illustrates SIM's degree of sensitivity. Animation done for NASA\JPL.


Animated short for Metronic, demonstrating the deployment and benefits of a medicated heart stent.